Jéan grew up on Mazunga Farm, near Gravelotte, in the Limpopo Province, South Africa. On similar terrain, and in close proximity to the Kruger National Park, Jéan was exposed to wildlife at a very early age.

His knowledge and love of the Lowveld, and its animals, stems from these early childhood days. Jéan's father, Frans Meintjes, introduced him to the medium of steel at an early age.

After matriculating, Jéan completed a course in the drafting of steel construction, which turned out to be Jean's passion. Different types of metal are forged to match the textures and colours unique to his sculptures.

He creates a variety of steel sculptures on a commission basis, and as an artist he is very flexible, being prepared to rise to any challenge.

Under relatively primitive conditions, he welds, hammers, grinds, and bends all types of metals to create glimmering sculptures.

Through the controlled use of heat, he brings out a rainbow of colours that add dimension and life to his works. The different types of metal are forged to match the textures, and colours, unique to both the metals and animals being sculpted.